You can connect any of the following document storage spaces:

- GoogleDrive

- OneDrive for Business

- OneDrive

- Dropbox

How to connect

1. Click the cogwheel at the bottom of the main left menu

2. In Company info, click link on the preferred Document storage solution (It's only possible to connect one)

For Dropbox/Dropbox for business, OneDrive and OneDrive for business Salesbox requires the same login for all Salesbox users. For GoogleDrive the company account is connected inside Company settings and after that each user (except the user connecting GoogleDrive) can gp to My settings / Add-ons and connect their Google account to Salesbox in the storage section.

How to work

Salesbox support to create or connect documents to Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. These documents are NOT stored in Salesbox, just displayed inside Salesbox as links. This means if the storage solution is unlinked, the documents won't be available anymore.

Salesbox automatically creates a document folder structure on each account, contact and opportunity. Salesbox is also the only provider to replicate this entire structure to your storage area so you get an easy to navigate folder structure there as well. The connection is a 2-way sync so you can add/create/edit documents from either Salesbox or your storage and it will be synced to both. Salesbox also makes sure your document structure looks the same for all Salesbox users on your storage area. Salesbox also supports you to create documents directly from Salesbox if you use Office365 or GoogleDocs.