Connect Mailchimp

1. Go to Company settings /company info

2. Click the link button next to the Mailchimp icon

3. Login to your preferred Mailchimp account

Track Mailchimp emails / Generate leads from Mailchimp emails automatically

1. Go to camping section

2. Click plus sign (Click opposite arrows to get full screen mode)

3. Fill out the campaign form (Salesbox only tracks the emails between the selected dates)

4. Select the same number of steps as emails to track from Mailchimp

5. Click Mailchimp channel icon

6. For each step, 

    - Click the dropdown at the left and select what email to track. (All emails in draft mode, scheduled emails and sent emails the last 2 weeks are displayed)

    - Click done

7. Click done for the whole campaign

When the receivers open and click on links they get scoring (1 point for open and 10 for click on link) and when they pass 11 points they get added as leads for the connected campaign users. When the lead is added a task is also generated to qualify the lead and the user gets notified on the phone.