In Insight section, you can have an overview about the sales statistics and performance for different indicators, you can also create dashboard and download various types of reports for your analysis or planning purposes.

Activities: You can see how far have you gone with different activities such as Dials, Calls, Tasks, Appointments, Sent Quotes, Sent Contracts, ....and how many remaining to reach the set target. Once the target is reached, the cup is lighted up to show your achievement

Sales: You can view sales statistics about leads, opportunities, campaigns, biggest deal, most profitable deal, pipeline sales etc., as well as conversion rate of each indicator, and how many leads, opportunities, campaigns active, how many done, how many new ...

Top list: You can see top accounts, top contacts, top performers, top products in various perspectives such as Sales, Profit, Margin, Deal Size, Growth etc.,. You can view by clicking on the dropdown list to view top list in preferred perspective.

Dashboard: You can create your own dashboard in diagram or piechart to display the data in a particular time period as you want

Download: You can download various kinds of reports such as forecast reports, performance reports, coming deals, coming activities etc., at 3 levels of user, unit and company. First, from the dropdown list on the top left corner, choose the preferred level of user, unit or company, then click to choose the time period at the bar on the top that you want to view report, click the checkbox right next to the report(s) that you want to download. You can export single or muti-reports at the same time.