Tasks are activities can be anything

Create different types of Tasks

Customer related:

Typical Tasks for identifying leads, qualifying leads, building relations, informing customers, customer follow ups

Opportunity related:

These Tasks are focused on specific steps in a sales process on an specific opportunity


Interal follow ups, reminders

Get Tasks in three ways


Tasks you create yourself


Tasks you get from a colleague (Accept and you get it, Decline and it goes to Delegation for someone else to grab or delegate). You can alse delegate a Task to someone else


Tasks created by Salesbox when you, as the owner, fall behind on an opportunity

What is Focus?

Focus exists on Tasks and appointments. It is a way to harmonize your internal terminology and make it easy to see what the Task or Appointment is focused on.

Since a Focus can have a description you don't need to write notes when creating a Task or an Appointment.

How to close Tasks


Click on the Done icon/text to set the Task as done.


If a Tasks has a Focus on a step in a sales process, the Task gets set as done when the step in the process is marked as done. Call back Tasks are also set as done when the call has been performed.


When a new Task is added from a marketing campaign, you get notified. When you get a Task delegated, you get notified.