In Salesbox Leads is a person that might be a buyer


Lead or Contact?

A Lead in Salesbox is the same as a Contact.

Therefore you need to connect the Lead to an existing Contact or add a new Contact when adding the Lead.

On a Lead you also tell what Product group and optionally what explicit product they might be interested in.

You can get Leads in three ways


Leads you create yourself


Leads you get from a colleague (Accept and you get it, Decline and it goes to Delegation for someone else to grab or delegate). You can also delegate a Lead to someone else.


Leads created by a Marketing campaign in Salesbox. Salesbox is integrated with Mailchimp, LinkedIn and Facebook for marketing. Any person interacting with your marketing campaign steps will be added as a Lead on the responsible users Lead list

Close a lead

Customer not interested:

Set the Lead as Done.

Customer is interested:

If the Lead is qualified to become a Opportunity (according to your criteria) you can convert the Lead to an Opportunity.

When converting a Lead the Opportunity get all the info from the Lead (Account, Contact, Product group, User). If you have connected a specific Sales process to the product group you also get a suggested sales process to apply.

By converting Leads to Opportunities you get tracking of how you convert Leads.

Priority and time color


You can set the priority of the Lead in five levels depending how hot the Lead is.

Time color:

Salesbox tracks your personal time to manage your Leads, i.e. close the Lead or convert the Lead to an Opportunity.

The color is always green to start with and change to yellow when you get close to your regular time and once you pass that time it becomes red.


When a new Lead is added from a marketing campaign, you get notified.

When you get a Lead delegated, you get notified.

Don’t fill your pipeline with noise

By working with Leads before you create Opportunities you reduce the risk of filling your pipeline with nonrelevant Opportunities.

A basic rule is:

Is there anything to win/loose, with your preferred timescope, then its qualified as an Opportunity, otherwise not.