A Qualified deal is something to win or loose that you apply a sales process on


Work with action plan/process

A Salesbox action plan is the same as a sales process. There are 4 types of processes to choose from. The default is a classical Pipeline process where you drag your deals from left to right with drag & drop.

You can also select to use activity based processes. The difference is that you don't change status on the entire Opportunity to get a percentage.

In Salesbox you check the activities you are done with in the order you prefer and that generates a total progress percentage automatically.

Attach Tasks and Appointments

Tasks and Appointments can both be connected to your sales process or added as independent Tasks/Appointments not driving the process forward.

If a Task/Appointment is connected to a step in the sales process it will automatically be set as done when the sales process step is checked as done.

Close a Qualified deal

Click on Won/Lost to close the deal. You can also always go back and change if necessary.

Add order rows

Sales value:

The value of the Deal is the summary of the value of all connected order rows.

Revenue values:

Each order row can have a start and end delivery date. The total value of the order row will be divided into the corresponding time period between the start and end date and be classified as revenue.

Automatic progress Tasks

If you fall behind your regular performance Salesbox will automatically remind you. You will get a personal deadline to finish the suggested Task. If the Task is not handled before the deadline is reached Salesbox moves the Task to the Delegation list to make sure the Task does not fall between the cracks.


Add your GoogleDrive, Dropbox or OneDrive for Business documents. You can also create your own folder structure. Add new or edit existing documents.


Take a photo with your smartphone of a whiteboard, a document, a product positioning or just a happy moment with your customer.

Qualified deal team

Work together:

Add the colleagues you want to work with on the opportunity.

Split the deal:

In Edit qualified deal, click on a team members name to set how to spilt the sales value between the members.

Don’t fill your pipeline with noise

By working with Unqualified deals before you create Qualified deals you reduce the risk of filling your pipeline with nonrelevant deals.

A basic rule is: Is there anything to win/loose, within your preferred time-scope, then it's qualified as a Qualified deal, otherwise not.


Any add/delete/change on the Qualified deal will be sent as a notification to all Deal team members, so all are up-to-date with whats going on.