In Salesbox a Contact equals a person/individual. A contact can optionally be connected to an Account.

Add an Contact


Click the plus sign and fill out as many or few fields you like. We recommend you add as many as possible to make it easy to search and classify Contacts.

By Search:

Search your company directory for Contacts to add to your list.

By Import:

In Company settings you can import Contacts with an import template. In My settings you can import/synch from Google, Outlook & LinkedIn.

Contact lists vs. Contact directory

Salesbox consists of a 2-layer contact storage.

Active contacts:

The active Contacts are the one you see in the Contact list. These can be deactivated and moved to the directory.

Contact directory:

The inactive Contacts (no owner assigned) are stored in a searchable Contact directory. To add a directory Contact to you Contact list, just choose By search when adding an Account and find the Account you want. You can also search the directory to add Contacts to a Call list.

Get questions after calls and appointments

When making a dial, call or an appointment through Salesbox you will get questions after the dial/call and after the appointment has finished. You will get different questions if you have active Opportunities or not on the specific Contact.

Latest communication

In the Latest communication you find all Dials, Calls, eMails, iMessages, FaceTime video calls that have been done by you or any other member of the Contact team.


On the Contact profile you find all sales, pipeline and communication stats that you need.

The circles display how this Contact performs compared to all other Contacts your company work with.

Get a route to the Contact

Click on the map icon on your mobile device and get a route from where you are to the Contact. Choose by Car, Walk or Public transportation.

Contact team

Add as many colleagues as you want to collaborate on a Contact.

Attach Tasks and Appointments

Tasks and Appointments can both be connected to sales processes or added as independent Tasks/Appointments not driving any process forward.

Add Opportunity

Add an opportunity directly from your account then you don’t need to add the account. You always need to add a Contact to an opportunity so you also can track who inside your account that delivers your business.


Add your GoogleDrive or OneDrive for Business documents. You can also create your own folder structure. Add new or edit existing documents.


Take a photo with your smartphone of a whiteboard, a document, a product positioning or just a happy moment with your customer.


Any add/delete/change on the Contact will be sent as a notification to all Contact team members, so all are up-to-date with whats going on.