In Salesbox Appointments is equivalent to meetings

Sync with Google/Outlook/iCloud

Salesbox has a 2-way sync of your preferred appointments in Google Calendar, Outlook365 Calendar and iCloud Calendar.

To Sync, go to My settings and link the preferred accounts, Salesbox will then automatically create Salesbox Calendar for you in your linked Account. The next time you add a new Calendar post, select the Salesbox Calendar in Google, Outlook or iCloud.

Add a Invitee

By search:

Search for colleagues and contacts to add as invitees.

By email:

Write the email address to invite someone who is not part of your contact lists

By Import:

In Company settings you can import Contacts with an import template. In My settings you can import from Google, Outlook & LinkedIn.

All invitees get an email invitation with an .ics-file attached so they can add the appointment to their calendars.

Get questions after appointments

When adding an appointment to Salesbox you will get questions after the appointment has finished. You will get different questions if you have active Opportunities or not on the specific Contact that you attached to the Appointment.

If you don’t want to update when asked, Salesbox reminds you a few times and by the end of the day you get a summary of the Appointments you performed that have not been handled.

Edit new appointment

Any Salesbox Appointment added from your Google, Outlook365 or iCloud Calendar will not contain info about what Account, Contact or Opportunity that it belongs to in Salesbox, therefore you get a summary of all added appointments after the last login to Salesbox.

Attach Appointments

Attach the appointment to the correct Contact, Account and Opportunity to keep track of your customer interaction.

It will also improve Salesbox’s ability to predict your effort to reach your target.

Get a route to the Appointment

If you have a location added to the appointment, Click on the map icon on your mobile device and get a route from where you are to the Appointment.

Choose by Car, Walk or Public transportation.


Any add/delete/change on the Appointment will be sent as a notification to all Contact team members, so all are up-to-date with whats going on.