Call list is typically used to group contacts that you want to call yourself or delegate to someone else to call, either before a certain deadline or when possible.

Add Contacts

By Search:

Search your company directory for Contacts to add to your Call list.

By Import:

Import Contacts with an .CSV import template.

Genius Call lists

Salesbox allows you to create a Call list with contacts that you have done business with or have active opportunities on, that you haven't spoken to for a preferred time frame.

Add a deadline

Add a deadline before you or the responsible user should have called all contacts in the list.

Real time performance bar

Salesbox separates dials from calls and displays your real time performance. Each call will move the performance bar.

If you have a set deadline the bar will display green, yellow and red color depending on your performance against the deadline.

Call back option creates prioritized calls

After dials and calls:

You get the schedule a call back option after you call from Salesbox on the smart phone.

Schedule a time to call back to the contact and get a reminder when its time. The call back will also added to the Prioritized calls in your Call list.


See how many dials, calls that are done per list and per contact in the list.

Also see how many appointments and opportunities you’ve got through the call list.


Your call statistics gets communicated through notifications.