Marketing campaigns in Salesbox is a way to push marketing content to known or unknown people and track their interaction. If they interact with a marketing campaign they get added as Leads in Salesbox.

How does it work?

Salesbox campaigns help you generate Leads.

By sharing campaigns on the different channels you can track when people interact with your emails/posts and get them generated as Leads automatically. Depending on how much they interact they get different lead scoring and priority.


Salesbox is integrated with Mailchimp for email campaigns and LinkedIn and Facebook for social media posting.

Link you company account/pages to Salesbox to start sharing campaigns. You do this from Company settings/Info

After that you can publish any number of campaigns and steps on the preferred channels.

Campaign period and steps


Create your entire email content including landing pages and photos etc.
Select what list to use in Mailchimp. Check how it looks with the preview or a send it to a test list in Mailchimp.

LinkedIn & Facebook:

Write your content, add any photo and add a landing page where you send your visitors who click on the Facebook/LinkedIn post.

Share a campaign step


During this period the campaign is open and can generate leads.


The number of send outs your campaign will consist of. Each step can be shared on 1 or more channels.


In the campaign list view you can see how many Leads, Opportunities, Won Opportunities and sales a campaign has generated.

Responsible users

The users you add to the campaign will get the Leads generated by the campaign added to their Lead lists.


When a campaign generate a new Lead the responsible user gets notified by Salesbox notification.