Activity circles:

See how many dials, calls, appointments, tasks you do, how many you have as a target and how many Salesbox believe you need to do to reach your sales target

You will also see how many you lack to become the team champ of the day, week, month, quarter or Year.


See the weekly workload you need to perform to reach your sales target for the chosen period.


See your best weeks for different activities, and compete with your colleagues to win gold, silver and bronze medals.


See your current weeks Tasks and Appointments.


See the recent actions taken by you or any colleague participating on your Accounts, Contacts or Opportunities.

Sales and pipeline

Bars and circles:

See how you convert campaigns, Leads and how you perform on Opportunities.


See your best deals, and compete with your colleagues to win gold, silver and bronze medals.

Sales circles:

See closed, target, Gap, Gross and weighted pipe values. Click on the circles to change values.

Forecast diagrams:

See sales, revenue, margin and profit forecasts for the period you have chosen.


See how you have performed in different industries and regions.

Top lists

Quick view of your Top 5 Accounts, Contacts, Colleagues and Products. Sort them many different perspectives.


Single reports:

Mark one or more reports in the All list and display on the screen, export to PDF or Excel.

Shared reports:

Mark the reports you want to combine in to one larger report and share with the colleagues you prefer. By doing this you don't need to send the reports since they appear in the Shared list for all users that are on that reports share list.

Saved reports:

A saved report work like the shared expect that it is only you that can see the constructed report.

Edit shared/saved reports:

 You can edit what reports the shared/saved report consists of what time periods the different report checks what user/unit/company the report present data for.