You can delegate a task to a specific user in your organization or to the delegation list so that other users can see and pick up as they want. From the list view of a particular task, you can click on 3-dot button on the right or from its detail view click 3-dot action button on the top, choose delegate, a window pops up. If you want to delegate that task to a specific user, choose preferred unit and user from the dropdown list, then click done to complete the delegation or click cancel to turn back to initial screen. If you leave unit and user fields blank, the task will be transferred to the delegation list

The delegated user will receive a notification about this delegated task. And all of the users in your organization will get notification about a task that has been moved to the delegation list. The delegated user can “accept” or “decline” that task. If he or she accepts it, it will be in his or her task list, if decline, this task will be transferred to the delegation task list.