Salesbox enables users to search for (a) particular opportunity (ies) either by regular search or advanced search.

  • Regular search box is always displayed right above the opportunity list, you can input any characters of numeric, alphabetic, or special formats into the box and push Enter to get the expected results.
  • With advanced search, you can look for a list of opportunities that satisfy one or many search criteria linked with contact details, account details, owner, product group, product type, product, sales steps, values, contract date etc.,  or any other custom fields you created.
  • To open up advanced search, click on the glass symbol on the right of the opportunity screen, the advanced search frame is displayed, you can choose search criteria as you prefer and combine these criteria with AND/OR logic.
  • You can also save a particular advanced search command that you may regularly work on with so that it’s convenient and save time for later usage; you can also save and share an advanced search command to other users in your organization or copy or delete as you want.
  • To close up the advanced search feature, click on the glass symbol again, the search frame and search result disappear, the system take you back to the initial screen when the search has not been done.