In Salesbox, you can easily and quickly create a new campaign. From the campaign screen, click on the plus (+) sign on the top right of the screen, a new campaign template is displayed on the right half of the screen for you to fill in as many details as you can. The more information you fill in, the easier you keep track on this campaign. An appointment cannot be successfully created if the required fields miss out information.

To edit an existing campaign, you click on a particular campaign on the list, the detail view will be displayed on the right of the screen, you can edit anything as you want. After completing the editing, click the green “Done” button to get the campaign updated.

 To delete a campaign, from the list view, click on 3-dot action button to the right of the campaign that you want to delete, choose delete. A confirmation message pops up, click yes to confirm the deletion, click no to cancel the deletion.