- Leads you create yourself by clicking the plus sign

- You can use Salesbox Lead Clipper for LinkedIn and add by clicking a button on the profile page inside Linkedin

- You can add from Salesbox Outlook plugin 

- You can add from Salesbox Gmail plugin 

- You can import a .CSV list of leads, directly to a specific user or to the delegation list by leaving the owner field at the import empty. If you import to the delegation list any user can later go there and assign a lead to themselves.


Leads you get from a colleague (Accept and you get it, Decline and it goes to Delegation for someone else to grab or delegate). You can also delegate a Lead to someone else.


Leads created by a Marketing campaign in Salesbox. Salesbox is integrated with Mailchimp, LinkedIn and Facebook for marketing. Any person interacting with your marketing campaign steps will be added as a Lead on the responsible users Lead list

You can also get leads from your website if you have connected Leadboxer to Salesbox.