How to get started

  • For this to work you need to do the following from My settings/Add-ons
    1. Connect your personal Office 365 account to Salesbox.
    2. Click the Sync calendar button
  • When you have done this the sync is turned on and any appointments added from this point in time and forward will be synced, but, no appointments from before this point in time are synced.

What appointments are synced?

1. Any appointment added to Salesbox will be added to the Outlook calendar of the user set as responsible user for the appointment in Salesbox.

2. Appointments added to Outlook will be synced to Salesbox if they meet the following requirements:

  1. The appointment has an invitee
  2. The added invitee email address also exist in Salesbox
  3. If 1 & 2 are fulfilled the meeting will be synced to Salesbox and also automatically connected to the correct contact and account in Salesbox

Why does it work like this?

The Outlook calendar usually also include private appointments and other work related appointments that are not supposed to exist in a CRM. Therefore if you follow the above rules you will only get the relevant customer meetings added to Salesbox from Outlook and not all your appointments.