If you experience that Salesbox start page (https://go.salesbox.com/desktop/#/login?mode=login) is just blank or white when you enter the site it is usual one of the following issues:

  1. A network issue
  2. A problem with the local computer
  3. The browser has go.salesbox.com in the list of blocked sites for Cookies   

Here are a few tips how to fix some of these.

A network issue

If you connect your computer through a mobile based network it can sometimes be problems. To solve this do as follows:

  1. Connect your computer to the mobile network
  2. Disconnect the computer from the mobile network
  3. Connect your computer to the mobile network again
  4. Go to https://go.salesbox.com/desktop/#/login?mode=login and login
  5. Connect your computer to your regular wi-fi network, then it usually works fine on the regular network again.

Blocked cookie issue

To see if a the site is set to block cookies, go to the site, in this case https://go.salesbox.com/desktop/#/login?mode=login.

After that, click on the lock in the browser URL space if you use Chrome (or the relevant button/link in any other browser). Open the list of sites with blocked cookies and if go.salesbox.com is part of the list, mark the site and approve the site to use cookies.